The beginning…

This is the beginning of my blog for my journey through the instructor diploma program, welcome! I am writing for the first assignment of my course called 3100- Foundations of Adult Education, which is all about trends and roles of adult learning. The first step for the assignment was a Skype session with my assigned partner.  We discussed what topics we wanted to research further on our own as well as the challenges of taking an online course. It was a very reassuring Skype session and I learned that we have similar medical professions and struggles with time pressure. We decided upon the topic of new technology and how it influences the learning experience. It is a broad topic, but I feel it is a popular trend and an important one to explore further. Technology is replacing the old-fashioned pencil and paper learning, but is it necessarily better? In the next few blog posts I will delve into my research findings. I am choosing to blog in a free-flowing format, incorporating journal entries and resource listings into the posts rather than a separate page.



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