Reflections on my findings

After reading a few studies and researching quite a bit online, it is time to reflect on my findings. Our original topic of the role of technology in learning was broad, however I was able to gather information specific to medical schools that resonates with me. My future goal is to teach at RMT private colleges, therefore it is great to find research that directly applies. It was interesting that the message of using technology can enhance student learning, however the benefits are outweighed if it is not incorporated with proper guidance and instructions. The how of applying a specific technology I  found to be just as important as the why, everything needs to fit in with the bigger picture. This is consistent with my own beliefs that the new flashy toy is not always better, sometimes old pen and paper or hands on learning is best. The role of technology in the classroom/distance learning can take many forms and research has shown it can be very effective. The adult educator is more than just a technology facilitator, especially in my area of interest.  In the medical profession it is important to develop face to face critical reasoning skills, which requires interacting with others. Online learning can be a part of the experience, however case studies and oral practical settings are still fundamental to the learning. A take home message I learned was to balance technology with other modalities for teaching to create the most inclusive learning environment.



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