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Before I complete this assignment I want to explore the upcoming trends in adult education a bit further. I found quite a few websites touting that technology will play an even greater role in teaching in many different formats. I want to know more specifically what is in store for my field of interest, massage therapy schools in BC. I have noticed more iPad and iPhone applications that pertain to the academic coursework required to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). I feel it is important to always be aware of where the information is coming from, not all medical websites or applications are 100% correct. It also opens up the discussion on purchasing textbooks versus free downloads and sharing information online. Ethics in education aside,  the world of technology in learning is going to change the way courses are run and yet it is impossible to learn massage therapy without hands on time. My role as a teacher would be to encourage exploration of new tools, but to always come back to the big picture goals of the course and what works best for each student.


Dunn, J (2013) 12 Changes Coming to the Future of Learning. Retreived from

I feel like this is going to be an ongoing learning experience and I plan to write throughout the journey. It will be interesting to look back to where I started and building on my knowledge of the basic learning theories and applying them to specific scenarios. Come along for the journey!



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