Lesson Planning

There are many components that go into creating a lesson plan, today I will outline 5 that I find interesting and relevant.

1. Characteristics of Adult Learners:

Sadker, D. M. (2010, Dec 8). Different Learning Styles: Teacher Tips. Education.com. Retreived from http://www.education.com/reference/article/Ref_Teaching_Tips/

I chose the above article because it outlines tips for teaching to different learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic). It is not a comprehensive study, however the simple tips are relevant and applicable. I feel it will improve my instructing as I plan to incorporate a technique from each of the sections into my lesson plans. It can be overwhelming to research all of the possible theories and styles of learning, however focusing on a short list of techniques to try seems more manageable to me.

2.Creating a Positive Learning Environment:

There are many resources that go over positive learning environments, but not as many cover what happens when things do not go as planned. The website I chose focuses on prevention as well as suggestions to remedy a negative situation. I find this helpful as it is very likely I will encounter a student who acts out and it is good to have a strategy to deal with it. I particularly like the tip about making general statements rather than singling out a specific student with confrontational remarks. For example,  “I will start lecture now, but first I need cell phones put away”. Writing down a few of the key points in the notebook I take to class will provide guidance if and when a problem does arise.

University of California, Santa Cruz (n.d.) Classroom Civility. UC Santa Cruz Centre for Teaching and Learning. Retreived from http://teaching.ucsc.edu/tips/tips-civility.html

3. Motivational Techniques:

One of my strengths is my own high self motivation, however I need to recognize that not all of my students will share this quality. I found the below website that lists numerous simple tips for motivational strategies for all types of learning environments. I think I will find it useful when creating my lesson plans, there are over a 100 to choose from! Trying a variety of techinques and seeing which ones work best is all part of refining my teaching style.

Smart Teaching Org (2008, Aug 6) 100+ Motivational Techniques to Take Learning To The Next Level. [Web Log Post] Retreived from http://www.smartteaching.org/blog/2008/08/100-motivational-techniques-to-take-learning-to-the-next-level/

4. Assessment:

Feedback for Better Teaching. (2013). Education Digest78(7), 36-40.

The above article studied effectiveness of teaching in a pedagogy setting, however I feel the principles carry over to adult learning. Their study outlines several facets that need to be addressed when measuring teaching effectiveness to make it with reliable, valid and accurate. The take home message I got from this article is to set my own goals and expectations for my teaching career. Breaking down lesson plans after a class and evaluating what worked and what didn’t work as well, is important for self improvement.

5. Media:

I want to bring interesting media into my instructing to make it more exciting. I found a great video on You Tube that gives step by step instructions for creating concept maps. The video has subsequent parts to it, but just the introduction is sufficient to get started. I think this could be a great tool for creating a visual that summarizes the information of a lesson. It could also be a project to give to students to create their own concept map, helping with self directed learning.

Awad, A. (2012, Dec 8) Concept Mapping with Google Docs Drawing. [Video File] Retreived from 


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