Questioning Techniques

The PIDP 3250 instructional strategies course has been a big challenge to keep up with the many forum topics and postings. I have given up trying to summarize everything and document every specific detail. My goal is to highlight a few key messages that really resonate with me, today I am blogging about the questioning techniques forum. It was when Doug posted about what questions not to ask that I realized my questioning techniques may not be the best. For example asking “are there any questions?”, “shall we move on?”,  or “does everyone understand?”.  Focusing on the positive, here is a fantastic graphic that breaks down how to ask effective questions:

In addition, I posted a link to the forum from a Cornell University Website that gives tips for why, how and what questions to ask.

Lastly, a great video was posted by a classmate that outlines some more best practices for asking questions:

The take home message is that I am practicing and refining my questions techniques to try to elicit more in depth class discussions!


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