Is This Going To Be On The Test?

I was taking a break from my PIDP homework and was searching through continuing education courses in my field of professional practice, massage therapy. A highly regarded instructor, Dr. Nikita Vizniak, has a course coming up that I am keen to take. Perusing through his company’s website I came across an article that really resonated with me, “Top 10 Instructor Tips”. Perhaps I found it most interesting because he is referring to teaching in the same field that I teach in, health sciences for manual therapists. Here are some highlights:

– “Is this going to be on the test?” Dr. Vizniak’s answer is “life is cumulative”. What a fantastic reply! I dread this question from students, of course I am not trying to waste your time random information! My typical response is yes it could be, but bringing to a broader perspective that you never know when you might use this knowledge I think is better.

– Learn from your students. Everyone has a story and their experiences  might help someone else in the class understand a concept better. This fosters an increased engagement by students,  sharing stories is a fantastic way to learn!

– Less is more. Dr. Vizniak’s article is written for teaching hands on therapists, which is the same cohort that I teach to. He recommends less time sitting trying to memorize facts, and more time getting up and practicing the manual techniques. I completely agree, psychomotor learning is more appropriate for massage therapy.

– Use real life examples. This is something I strive to do in every one of my lessons, using clinic examples or stories that I have heard from other fellow RMT’s. I strongly believe that we learn from stories, real life application of the theories and principles that may seem complex and confusing at first.

– Have fun! I know myself I can become pretty focused on the tasks and not the people. Learning is fun, time to celebrate the little milestones and enjoy the journey!

I am looking forward to taking a course with Dr. Vizniak and picking up more tips. Below is a link to his website:


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