Technology in the Classroom

Technology is playing a greater role in our lives, as teachers we need to adapt to the changing environment. I feel it is important to embrace the change and try to incorporate new ways to connect with students with technology. I plan on purchasing an iPad and downloading the anatomy and physiology apps that my students are using in class. I want to keep up with how learners are gathering and processing the information in a different format than pen and paper. There is a copious amount of information in these apps and out there on the internet, breaking it down into manageable pieces could be very valuable for my students. Below is an interesting link on web 3.0 that brings up the astonishing stats on how common it is to be plugged in and online via different devices.

Saucedo, A. (2012, Dec 5). Web 3.0- The Internet of Things. You Tube video Retrieved from: 


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