Visible Learning

John Hattie wrote a groundbreaking book called Visible Learning for Teachers in 2009 that changed the way we view teaching. Basically his title refers to the ideal situation when the teaching is visible to the students, and the learning is visible to the teacher. John Hattie gathered information from over 50,000 research studies to create a framework for best practices for teaching. There was so much covered in his book and I find it is a fascinating read with solid scientific evidence to prove his points. He write about everything from creating a positive learning environment, benefits of teacher collaboration, effective instructional strategies, valid evaluation techniques, adapting to change and how to implement his recommendations. I will continue to explore and reflect on his book, below is a reference link to a summary of his findings:

David-Lang, J. (2013). Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning. The Main Idea: Current Education Book Summaries. Retrieved from



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