What Impact Am I Having?

The above interview with Dr. John Hattie I found very interesting, well worth watching the full length of the video. A couple of the points he made I would like to reflect more on here, first off his question “what impact am I having?”. This is referring to self assessing your class from a teaching perspective, questioning whether or not your students are really engaged and learning. Dr. Hattie highlights that it doesn’t matter how many fancy instructional strategies you use or interactive methods of disseminating information, it is whether or not you are making an impact in their learning. Ongoing informal and formal evaluations and assessments can help measure the effect of your teaching, feedback as to how well they are grasping the material. He recommends incorporating a variety of different instructional techniques and frequently reflecting on what is working and what isn’t. Adapting your teaching to create the biggest impact possible, making sure you are not stuck in a rut of teaching the same way all the time. A second point he brings up in the video is whether as a teacher you are more of a facilitator or a change agent. Merely facilitating a course is not as effective as playing the role of a change agent. My goal is to be a change agent and really make an impact on my students lives!

Hattie, J. (2012, July 31). Visible Learning- An Interview With Dr. John Hattie. OISE tube. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkXE4lBwHD4#t=1273[



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