Motivating Students

There are many theories on motivation, everything from Keller’s ARCS theory (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction), to theories of self-efficacy and self worth. It is interesting to learn of the different perspectives and realize that not everyone has the same drive to learn. What I find more helpful is the application of theories to specific tips for increasing student motivation. There have been quite a few 3250 course  forum postings about using new technologies and incorporating games to boost motivation, but these ideas did not resonate closely for me. I found a helpful website that has the colourful image above and lists 21 ideas. A few of the ideas I already follow, such as setting objectives, giving praise when earned,  and to be excited (I tend to dance around and become very animated when talking about subjects I am passionate about). Other ideas they propose and I endeavour to try are to encourage students to self reflect on their strengths, help manage student anxiety (I sometimes forget they might be anxious), and give students responsibility to create a community in the classroom (one could be in charge of handing out papers, another to put up the marks on the board etc.). I feel that every class I teach is a different micro community and I need to adapt to what works best for them! 

Te@ch Thought (Nov 12, 2012).  21 Ideas For Improving Student Motivation. Retrieved from: 




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June 13, 2014 · 4:14 pm

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