Summary of 3250- Instructional Strategies Course

It has been quite a journey, thank you to all of my online classmates for an exciting course! I came into this expecting to do my own self directed learning, filled with readings and assignments. What I didn’t realize was that the participants play a role in creating the course, a good proportion of time was spent discussing topics online. The online forums were a wealth of information with a variety of perspectives, sometimes overwhelming with the volume of posts. I developed an efficient routine where I didn’t feel I had to post and reply to everything, only what I felt I could really add to and enhance. My early mornings were filled with reading and researching, my passion for learning and investigating was definitely sparked! The ongoing blog assignment has been a good place to organize my thoughts, I found I grew to be more comfortable sharing my reflections and interpretations of the course.  I feel it would be impossible to summarize 3250 in one blog post, but here are some highlighted thought provoking questions and ideas that I will keep pondering:

– What roles do I play in the classroom? Teacher, advisor, counsellor, role model, facilitator, evaluator…so many skills are required!

– How do I motivate my students to “go meta”? Basically analyzing their own learning process and becoming aware of what works best for them.

– Heutagogy is the term given to the study of self determined learning. What is the latest research in learning how to learn? I feel I always need to keep up and linking onto my classmates blogs will help.

– What is my personal policy on texting in class? There were a lot of forum psots about incorporating technology in the most effective ways and creating guidelines

– How can I incorporate self reported grades into my teaching? Research has shown self analysis and informal learning assessments have proven helpful, while keeping in mind alignment with the course objectives.

– Things do not always go as planned, what are some contingency plans for when it goes awry? Pause, think, and then act after careful consideration.

– How can I keep in touch with my 3250 classmates to continue our discussions? I would like to suggest a Facebook group or personal emails, I have learned so much from everyone!

– Random instructional strategies that I enjoyed learning about: Case studies, role plays, think-pair-share, affinity cards, games, open ended questions, group work, one minute paper etc.  Onto the next step of making lesson plans!


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