Media Enhanced Learning- PIDP 3240


I am back for another module for the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) at Vancouver Community College (VCC), 3240-Media Enhanced Learning. In this introductory post I would like to focus on the 3240 course outcomes, highlighting what the purpose and objectives are for this module. Paraphrasing from the description found on Moodle, the VCC online student learning website, here are the goals for 3240:

– Create, select, use, and justify the use of media and technology to enhance the student learning experience for in person and online courses.

– Apply learning theories to media related concepts and how to best incorporate instructional technologies.

– Learn and abide by all copyright laws and creative commons guidelines.

– Explore the latest media and technology trends and issues to develop new tools for teaching.


Moodle Course Notes (2012, August 4). Course Outcomes- PIDP 3240 Media Enhanced Learning. Retrieved October 11, 2014 from 

[Untitled Image of Social Media Network] Retrieved Oct 10, 2014 from


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