Teaching Naked

The course textbook for 3240-Media Enhanced Learning has as a cheeky title that catches your eye: Teaching Naked (2012). My interpretation of the title is teaching with transparency, being open and honest with the learning objectives. I read the textbook over the weekend and found it a very interesting read with many points to ponder. My goal is to write a blog post that highlights a few key aspects that are personally significant, this is not a general synopsis or book review. The author, Jose Antonio, recommends ways to incorporate technology into the classroom; such as using Twitter, Facebook and podcasting. I feel some of the formats are not appropriate for my current teaching situation, however I appreciated the implementation strategies and his idea of developing clear social media e-communication policies.

The most valuable lesson I learned from reading Teaching Naked was that you have a finite amount of time for actual instructor-student interaction. Typically class time is used for presenting content, I am guilty of using the familiar lecture type format. Precious class time would be better used in ways to challenge the students to develop higher order cognitive learning skills, more of an active learning experience. This can be created when students adequately  prepare for class and allows for more in-depth classroom activities that demand their critical thinking skills. Technology is a tool that can enhance the preparation and interaction outside of class time, thus increasing the opportunities for learning. Engaging with discussions of the material in class, versus seeing the content for the first time is a more efficient and effective method of teaching. This is not a simple task, it would require revamping my current lesson plans and challenging the students to spend more time outside of class interacting with and absorbing the material. It is a fantastic goal and I endeavour to follow tips from Teaching Naked to create a more active learning classroom with exciting technology tools.


Bowen, J. A. (2012). Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve    Student Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.


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