Learning Management Systems

An effective way to organize and deliver a course is using a learning management system, or LMS. In the higher education industry, schools can implement a LMS to administer online or hybrid type courses (combination of in person and online).  With this technology content can be shared, student activity tracked, assessment tools embedded, and overall everything organized in one place. There are many different options available for choosing an LMS, it depends upon the parameters of your teaching environment what might be best. The school I teach at, VCMT, we use a system called Canvas.  I find Canvas helpful how I can easily upload content and the students can access the notes ahead of class. Today I participated in a webinar on the extra functions and abilities of Canvas, so many possibilities for enhancing student learning! Below is a screen shot of what Canvas looks like, I would recommend it as a user-friendly LMS:



I was surprised to find Canvas did not rank in the top LMS software lists as per the link below. Survey results show Moodle was the most popular and ranked number one, which is the system for the PIDP at VCC.


Could it be possible that LMS will take over the hard copy textbook industry one day?


Capterra (2014, October). Top Learning Management System Software Products: The Top 20 Most Popular of LMS  Software. Capterra [Web Log] Retrieved October 21, 2014 from: http://www.capterra.com/learning-management-system-software/#infographic


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