Instructional Media Through The Years

I remember when the teacher would roll in a TV and VCR trolley for the class, it was considered the newest technology! There has been many changes and improvements in institutional media through the years. We have progressed from overhead projectors to white boards to power point presentations, and now all of the new interactive technologies. Online learning management system forums, in class clickers and polling, instructional games, social media applications….there are so many new fancy options! Using technology should have a purpose, not  just using the fantastic new media tool for the sake of using something fancy. Appropriate to the level of learning and relevance to the course objective are key points. Always keeping in mind the goal of engaging students and fostering critical thinking with interactive technology, versus passively watching a video. There are so many possibilities to enhance your teaching with instructional media, I continue to learn through the 3240 discussion forums of what is available out there!

TV VCR on Wheels in the Classroom as a kid

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