Teaching by Storytelling

The main focus of 3240, Media Enhanced Learning, is implementing technologies into the teaching environment. This blog post is not exploring a specific technology, but a reflection on a link that was posted to the VCC School of Instructor Education (SIE) Facebook page. Everyday I scan the latest posts and read the links, this one in particular caught my eye as a basic lesson in how to capture your student’s attention http://www.teachthought.com/literacy-2/30-storytelling-tips-for-teachers/ There are quite a few fantastic tips, I would like to highlight a few I feel are applicable to adult learner environments: Create a hook in your opening to gain their attention; Keep it simple; Use pauses; Finish your story strong with an important take away message; Make sure the story is relatable/realistic; Avoid tangents; Do not give away everything. Why this blog post resonated with me is that I frequently incorporate case studies into my lesson plans. I am adept at using a relevant case study from a real life example or made up, however it is the delivery that I need to improve on. Case studies are an excellent tool for creating a story that students must analyze and critically think to come up with a solution. Developing my skills as an effective case study storyteller could enhance students engagement.

Queen’s University (n.d.).  What is Case-Based Learning? Centre for Teaching and Learning, Queens University Weblog. Retrieved Nov 4, 2014 from: http://www.queensu.ca/ctl/resources/topicspecific/casebased.html

Teach Thought Staff (November 22, 2012). 30 Storytelling Tips for Teachers: How to Capture Your Students’ Attention. Te@ch Thought Weblog. Retrieved Nov 4, 2104 from: http://www.teachthought.com/literacy-2/30-storytelling-tips-for-teachers/


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