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I have been struggling with a dilemma, my social media branding has become muddled. I am pursuing the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program (PIDP) through VCC for my career as a health sciences instructor as Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT), of Utopia Academy. The problem is that my primary career is running my own Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) business. These are not mutually exclusive and do compliment each other very well, except when it comes to my online presence. I have done research into social media marketing and the most important message is to be consistent and clear with your brand. A quick google search and you could be confused why Barb Tyers RMT is tweeting about new learning technologies, or Facebook posting about Web 2.0 learning tools, or blogging about classroom dynamics. My message has become muddled with the different roles I am playing, unfortunately I feel my RMT business may be suffering. At this point I am willing to lose marks in the 3240 course to try to stick with my goals as a sole proprietor providing massage therapy as my main career. I will continue to fulfill my requirements for the 3240 Media Enhanced Learning assignments, however when the course is done I need to clean up my social media message and this blog will become private. Below is a link to my real blog for my RMT business, thanks for your support and understanding!

Barb Tyers RMT

Gilbert, S (July 2, 2014). 7 Rules for Social Media Branding. Business to Community Weblog. Retrieved November 4, 2014 from:


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