Twitter for Teachers

Part of the social media assignment for 3240 is to interact and create a community with my fellow online classmates via Twitter. I will admit I find it scary that tweets can be read by anyone, there are no privacy controls and you cannot take something back once it is written! I have done research on Twitter through the years for business purposes and came across a good read called Twitterville (2009). I would recommend Twitterville you are looking for ways Twitter can be harnessed for building your business brand and online marketing. For the world of higher education, in our 3240 discussion forums the idea was presented that Twitter could be implemented as an instructional strategy. It could be a way to interact with students and increase their engagement with the material. I would like to suggest another idea, using Twitter to create a professional development community for teachers, similar to our 3240 discussion forums. Below is a link to a  You Tube video that outlines the benefits of connecting and sharing with other teachers through Twitter:


Hill, P. (2010, August 27). Twitter for Teachers. [You Tube Video File]. Retrieved November 8, 2014 from:

Isreal, S. (2009). Twitterville: How Businesses Can Thrive in the new Global Neighbourhoods. New York, Pengiun Group.



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